30 December 2011

Have a good one...


  1. There we go, New Year´s Eve
    has come to raise your heart beat
    food, booze, cheer, tunes and a wish
    to keep you glad at least for a bit.

    New intentions and a fair resolution
    why not to start a revolution?
    what if this year is my year
    when I get fit and I find a solution

    I will overcome my ghosts and fears
    and I´ll make you happy, my dear
    without forgetting my commitment
    should I whisper in you ear?

    I should intone sweet lullabies
    so that everyone can hear
    and make all people know
    that New Year´s eve is here

  2. Geri muchisimas felicidades!!!! Disfruta mucho de este año :) Mil besitos